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Mike has been surrounded by art since his earliest childhood. His mother is an oil painter, wood-carver, illustrator, craft designer, writer, and computer geek just to name a few of her many skills. Her work along with other portions of her mind can be found at her website The Clown Store. Mike's father, a talented off road race car builder and photographer, helped round out Mike's early education in the creative arts.

Since then Mike has put his creative mind to work on many things. From sculpture to oil paintings. From custom painting Harleys in California and Hawaii to doing original tattoo's here on the east coast. He did his first tattoo's when he was 13. He spent many of his teenage years wandering around California with a sketch pad and backpack. In his twenties he studied fine art and graphic design, all while tattooing and doing a variety of work including fine art, airbrush and whatever he could do to make a living at art.

Mike is capable of working in all styles of tattooing from fine line to new school including working on old tattoos by adding to them, finishing them, fixing them or just covering them up all together. His many years of experience have given him the skills necessary to create almost any design for his customers. From portraits to the very unusual. Come meet him for yourself and see what he is capable of.